Nursing Home Negligence Attorney in Canton, Ohio

Canton, OH Nursing Home Negligence Attorney

Nursing home neglect may not be as recognizable as physical abuse, but it can still lead to emotional, physical, and mental damage of an elderly person. There are many types of nursing home neglect, and may be overlooked or can remain hidden until a person starts to decline or die from such actions. When an elderly person suffers from personal hygiene neglect, they are often left to clean themselves without the assistance of the nursing home staff. This may mean that they are responsible for changing their own clothes, brushing their own teeth, and grooming themselves. The staff may not assist an elderly person bathe, and if an elderly person has limited movement or mental capabilities, they may never be cleaned properly. If you or a loved one is suffering from nursing home neglect, please contact me, a Canton, OH injury lawyer.

If an elderly person is not receiving the proper amount of food or water, their basic needs are being neglected. This, unfortunately, is fairly common in nursing homes, and people are often victims of malnutrition and dehydration. Living in a clean and safe environment is also a basic need that is often ignored in nursing homes. When an elderly person is medically neglected, they are not receiving the proper healthcare attention that they are entitled to. Bed sores are a common consequence of nursing home neglect, as they are a result of a person remaining in one position for a long period of time. Staff missing medications for patients who require them is also a form of medical neglect. Emotional abuse can be just as severe as physical abuse, but may not appear as blatantly as physical abuse. Elderly people may be embarrassed or ashamed of the neglect, or they may not be able to properly express their experiences.

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There is legal help for victims of nursing home negligence. I may be able to help a victim prove that their needs were not properly met, and as a result, suffered physical, mental, or emotional damage. If you notice a change in your loved one, do not dismiss it. Constantly remain in communication with them, in order to determine if some form of negligence may be occurring. Do not hesitate to contact me in order to possibly receive representation for a nursing home negligence claim.